Hon. Abdul Rahman Rahim.
Assembly Member, Madina West Electoral Area- LaNMMA

“...Section 16 of the Local Government Act spells out how Assembly members must engage their constituents before and after Assembly meetings; but we are not doing that effectively because there is no provision for that. The Action Voices project will greatly help Assembly members to have more engagement with their electorates. The Assembly itself when we organize Town Hall Meetings, only few a people are invited out of over hundred thousand people within the municipality.

We are not engaging with the people at all because we don't have even one-third of the people participating in our meetings. So if the Assembly should support this project, the people will be engaged more and we will know what they need so that when we are developing our action plans we will look at the common things the people are calling for and set them as a priority of the Assembly. We the Assembly members are the same people who approve the budget and we think that the Action Voices project is a very laudable one and we will discuss with management to include the project in our budget.”